Sadaqah Guide to Creating Campaigns

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Campaigns



The decision to step up and help a person or cause is a tough one. The responsibility and dedication comes with good intentions and the drive for individual and/or community welfare. Your goal is our goal. The final objective is raising enough funds to fairly distribute among the ones in need. If you’ve decided to choose Sadaqah as the platform of your great deed, we want to be there every step of the way.

User Basics

For starters, you need to get 4 things out of the way before you create a campaign on the Sadaqah website.

  1. Plan
  2. Sign Up
  3. Confirm ID
  4. Upload Documents

  1. Plan the objectives and goals of your fundraising campaign beforehand. When you decide to work towards raising funds for a charitable cause, things like funding goals, fund utilization, engagement plan, and an overall map of the campaign should be at hand.
  2. Sign up on the Sadaqah website by creating a new user ID. Information like your full name, country, email, and password will be required to sign up and become part of the platform.
  3. Confirm ID by verifying your email. Once you sign up, Sadaqah will send you a confirmation email.
  4. Upload Documents required for campaign creation. This requires your KYC documents. KYC will include your personal details to verify your identity and banking details.

Once you have signed up, uploaded the right documents, and gathered a plan of action for your fundraising campaign, here’s what comes next.

Getting Started

Now that you have the user basics out of the way, the next step is to set up your campaign. Your ideas, goals, and objectives for the fundraiser come under this section of the process. It’s important to note that you need to get all your information organized before you can make a campaign live. The clearer and more to the point your fundraiser is – the stronger the possibility of donations. People look for information right off the bat. Give it to them.

Here are the 4 things you need to do to get your campaign started.

  1. Campaign Basics
  2. Campaign Essentials
  3. Contact Details
  4. Campaign Collaborators (Optional)

  1. Campaign Basics include ground-level information about the fundraiser. You have to give the campaign an appealing title and describe it shortly. Only provide basic and important facts about the fundraiser that a potential donor would be interested in. A good format to follow is Who, What and Why – Who or what you’re raising funds for, Why is it important and why should people donate.
  2. Campaign Essentials are the core of your fundraiser. This will define your campaign goal i.e the amount of money you need to raise, important dates and funding type.

First up is Campaign Goal, where you need to clearly state the objectives of the fundraiser. Make strong points and use facts to back up your goals. Future plans that include utilizing the funds should also be included.

Next, Funding Goal. Choose a carefully thought-out and pre-decided amount of fund target for your cause. Keep in mind the platform fees, and other intermediary costs when you decide on an amount.

The Category you choose should reflect the kind of cause the fundraiser is supporting so Sadaqah can classify it and bring it forth in the search results by the donors.

Set a date for the end of the fundraiser and based on that you can decide what Funding Type you need to choose. Despite the funding goal you’ve set, you can choose to collect partial funding or chance the all-or-nothing strategy. It’s up to you.

You are also free to add campaign photos and any media you have prepared for the campaign in this section. This will make your fundraiser more attractive and potential donors are likely to click on it.

  1. Contact Details – This one’s simple. You’ve already submitted your KYC documents but you need to enter your country, city, address, and postal code to further verify the authenticity of the campaign and mode of contact.
  2. Campaign Collaborators (Optional) – This can include a team of people or campaign partners who will be managing the campaign with you directly. Over here you can also choose whether the donations are Zakat Eligible.

Campaign Details

Potential donors who will be interested in your campaign will come looking for more information and that’s where the detailed description of your campaign will come in. Personalize your campaign with pictures and videos that convey the message of your fundraiser.

Mention and highlight your campaign goals in the beginning. Explain what the problem is and what the funds can do to overcome it. Back your objectives with facts and proof. Make sure you include details about engaging with the donors, this will add a sense of transparency and show your dedication towards the cause. Your goal here is to turn a potential donor into a definite one. Precise plans for fund utilization will make your story stronger. Spread the information over in small chunks so it’s easier to read. Keep a clean format. Talk about what’s important: your cause.

Add Giving Levels

This is optional but you can include a reward system in your campaign. It’s a very effective strategy used in fundraisers to prompt potential donors to donate or pledge more than the standard amount. You can include meaningful rewards for every (X) dollars raised. Total transparency and regular campaign updates are mandatory, but you can do something more interesting and prompt to engage more donors so you can reach the funding goal.

That’s it! You’re done.

You can submit the campaign for approval.

Sadaqah has a user-friendly interface so the campaign creation steps will be explained on the website as well. If you think you need to change something you can always prepare a draft and save it. When you’re ready to submit the campaign for approval, just tie up the loose ends in the campaign and send it over.