Sadaqah - Shariah Compliant

Shariah Compliance and Rating System

Shariah Compliance in its true sense is at the heart of everything we do at Sadaqah — Ummah Crowdfunding.

The entire platform is there to ensure participants are primarily engaged in Sadaqah as an act of worship and to seek the pleasure of God. This should be the primary intention for those supporting any campaign or cause. We at Sadaqah — Ummah Crowdfunding have developed everything possible in our capacity to ensure your good deeds and intentions are honored and sanctified.

To ensure our processes, structures and screening is Shariah compliant, we have partnered with Amanah Advisors as our Shariah Advisors to guide us through our operations.

Amanah Advisors have reviewed all our processes and operations, and have issued the following Shariah compliance certificate:

Amanah Advisors screen every campaign before it goes live. In partnership with Amanah Advisors, we have developed a unique rating system which looks at Shariah compliance as well as impact.

Our rating system incorporates the following levels:

  1. Individual Empowerment
  2. Communal Empowerment
  3. Individual Spiritual Development
  4. Communal Spiritual Development
  5. Multi-Impact Campaign

Level 1: Individual Empowerment

  • Individual Medical Aid
  • Individual Housing Shelter
  • Individual Feeding
  • Individual Woman Empowerment
  • Individual Poverty Relief
  • Individual Economic Empowerment
  • Individual Sustainable Development
  • Individual Water for Life

Level 2: Communal Empowerment

  • Communal Medical Aid
  • Communal Housing Shelter
  • Orphanage
  • Communal Feeding
  • Communal Women Empowerment
  • Disaster Relief
  • Communal Poverty Relief
  • Communal Economic Empowerment
  • Communal Sustainable Development
  • Communal Water for Life

Level 3: Individual Spiritual Development

  • Individual Spiritual Education

Level 4: Communal spiritual development

  • Communal Spiritual Education
  • Mosques

Level 5: Multi-impact Campaign

  • Multi-Purpose Education
  • Economic and Spiritual Facilities