Timely Sadaqah

Timely Sadaqah

Sadaqah is a virtuous action which is recommended all year round and every moment of one’s life.

However, there are certain moments and times where the giving of Sadaqah is highly recommended and most rewarding.

These moments are as follows:

Opportunity to give in secrecy

Giving Sadaqah in secrecy is a way to secure a spot under the throne of Allah on the Day of Judgement. The Hadith regarding the seven whom Allah will shade on the Day of Judgement enumerates the person who gives in charity and hides it, such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity. [Sahih al-Bukhari]

When a person is in need

If a person is genuinely and desperately in need in front of you, supporting them through Sadaqah at that instance is highly rewarding and highly praiseworthy. The Hadith mentions that among the most beloved actions to Allah is bringing happiness to a Muslim or removing a difficulty from him, or relieving him of his debt or satiate his hunger. [Tabarani]

Fearing poverty and wanting to be wealthy

When a person is healthy and wants to accumulate funds to be wealthy or achieve something, yet he prefers giving for the sake of Allah trusting that Allah is the provider of sustenance, then this inflates the reward of Sadaqah and brings immense blessings.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was asked regarding the best Sadaqah, he replied;

that you spend whilst you are healthy, aspiring to amass more wealth and fearing poverty.


When the recipient is a needy relative who has broken ties with you

Islam places a lot of encouragement and importance of maintaining ties of kinship. When a family or relative is need, the reward of giving them Sadaqah increases. Supporting one’s family and relatives involves the rewards of Sadaqah as well as the rewards of maintaining the ties of kinship.

However, if this particular relative does not maintain ties with you or has been unjust to you, then giving them in their time of need is all the more rewarding. The Hadith tells us that the “best form of Sadaqah is to give to a relative who has been harbouring ill towards you.” [Ahmad]

In blessed times and places

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would be most charitable in Ramadan.

Abu Bakr ibn Abi Maryam narrated from his shaykhs that they used to say: When the month of Ramadan comes, then spend generously during it, because spending during it brings a multiple reward, like spending in Allah’s cause, and saying tasbeeh in it is better than saying a thousand tasbeehs at other times.

An-Nakha‘i (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

Fasting one day in Ramadan is better than fasting a thousand days, and saying tasbeeh in it is better than saying a thousand tasbeehs, and one rak‘ah in it is better than a thousand rak‘ahs.

[Lataa’if al-Ma‘aarif]

The famous scholar Zuhri said “One tasbeeh in Ramadan is better than saying a thousand tasbeehs at other times.”

We should always look for more opportunities and moments to gain more reward and the pleasure of Allah. Whatever we do now, will most surely benefit us in the Hereafter, and be a means to bless us in this world.