Automate your giving on recurring schedules that works with your calendar whilst giving you the full freedom to cancel at any time from your personal dashboard.

Start your giving journey with Recurring Giving. Choose the causes that matter to you and we’ll do the rest. Together, we can have a positive social impact.

Begin Your Recurring Giving Journey

Quote StartProphet Muhammad (PBUH) was asked about the most beloved good deed to Allah. To which he replied;
… that which is most regular and constant even if it is little in amount.
Reference: [Muslim]Quote End

Amplify Your Impact During The Most Blessed
Month In The Year.

Make Your Intention
Automated Donation
Amplify Your Rewards

Bismillah - Let's go and see
how it actually works

Step 1

Create An Account On Our Platform And See Your Impact Dashboard

Step 2

Select The Recurring Amount You Want To Donate

Step 3

Select The Frequency You Are Comfortable With

Step 4

Support The Causes Or Categories You Would Like To Automate Your Recurring Giving

Step 5

Enter Your Personal And Card Details

*All Card Data Is Handled With The Highest Level Of Data Privacy And All Card Data Is Securely Held By Our Payment Gateway Provider Stripe. Sadaqah – Ummah Crowdfunding Does Not Store Any Card Data And Is PCI-DSS Certified.
Step 6

Login To The Platform And See Your Personal Impact Dashboard

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